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What's In My Makeup Kit + Personal Favorites!

September 2021

Welcome! Here you will find products I use in my kit, my personal favorites, and some tips on building a professional or day-to-day makeup kit!

*Since I share affiliate marketing products with awesome people like you, naturally my content may contain Amazon affiliate links for products I love (and want you to love too). If you take action (i.e. make a purchase after clicking the link) I'll earn some coffee money. Which I promise to drink while I create more helpful content for you.

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The bottom section of the case has detachable wheels. So it can be used as a rolling case or a stationary storage system for makeup. It's about twice as big as the top case and holds LOTS of product! 

Tip #1: Don't overwhelm yourself with too many products. Even as a makeup artist who needs to have every shade, for every skin tone, ever... I still have to limit myself on how many products I pack. Be strict with yourself and know what you actually reach for every time you do makeup. 

I am convinced that when it comes to condensing my pro makeup kit, there will always be an easier way and a more convenient system. Finding the best setup will forever be the ultimate goal. I've been using this makeup case and absolutely love it! The top case is what I travel with and take to every makeup appointment. There are two fold out trays that fit all my foundations, base products (primers, setting sprays, concealers), and the other tray holds my tools, brow products, mascara, and several small eye and face compacts. In the larger section below, I keep all my palettes, lip products, lash spoolies, lip wands, q-tips, cotton rounds, makeup wipes, and business cards. I can usually fit a small container of brushes as well.  

TIP #1

The newest addition to my set-up are these Neewer lights from Amazon. Easy to say... I'm obsessed. I can control the warmth, coolness, and brightness of both. The "barn doors" allow me to direct the light to the subject. And the tripod is sturdy and adjustable. Highly recommend! 

Any professional kit is 1000% a business investment! It is a reflection of who I am as a makeup artist and I want that to be inclusive, professional, and well thought out. I typically use mid-luxury brands in my kit but there is absolutely nothing wrong with only owning drug store makeup. 

However, as a professional, I feel there are certain standards to meet and expectations to have a decent selection of products and brands. When I open my kit, I want my clients to rest easy, know they are in good hands, and feel assured by the quality of my products. 

Disclaimer: I am no Patt McGrath, Mario Dedivanovic, or Kevyn Aucoin. I still have lots to learn within the makeup industry. I simply what to share with you the products, techniques, and systems that works best for me in hopes they benefit you in some way too! 

Without further ado, let's get into it!

The Setup
Tools & Hygiene

TIP #2

When it comes to brushes, there's two routes you can take. #1: Incredibly quality, will probably last a lifetime, luxury brushes, going for $30-$80 each. Or #2: Affordable, good quality sets of synthetic brushes going for about $20 a set. Take your pick! I would LOVE to go with the first option (but, as I'm sure many of you can relate) I'm sticking with option #2 for now. 


This set from Real Techniques is my personal go-to. I also love these two brush sets from Amazon. Great quality AND price! Not shown here but Morphe has some stellar brush sets I use and love.