Things are Changing

2023 books are now open!


... but ...

I'm MOVING! (a lot) for the entire year actually 

Here's the deal though, YOU will determine where I will be traveling! Sounds crazy right? Well, sounds fun to me. (So long as your location is within these regions!) 

When & Where 

January - March: Southwest and South Central regions.

March - June:  Southeast and Eastern regions. 

June - August: Albuquerque, NM. Pro MUA School to be certified/licensed for Film and SFX.

August - December: TBD.

I have no doubt the 2023 wedding season is going to be (or already is) busy on your end... but I want to run an idea by you. I’ve been doing makeup full-time since the beginning of 2021. My client base is strongly rooted here in Kansas but I am actively looking to take my business nationally/internationally.


As I’m sure you're aware, personal appearance (specifically hair and makeup) is a huge factor. Even more so for weddings. Honey, those photos will last a lifetime! So, my goal is to provide adventurous couples the opportunity to have professional makeup at whatever location they desire while satisfying my wanderlust to travel and pursue my craft as much as I can. 


If you're open to discussing the specifics of what this would look like with your wedding or event, send me a message and let's chat! 

Tell me about it! 

Thank you! I'll be in touch with you soon

"I'd rather send my own email"