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Makup by Lauren Doll & Co. | traveling destination bridal makeup artist


Hey, I'm Lauren! A self-taught freelance makeup artist living in Wichita and traveling often. Things are changing and it's not just me anymore! Makeup by Lauren Doll & Co. is now a professional bridal makeup team serving the Wichita and surrounding areas. 

We aspire to create looks that cultivate confidence by highlighting your unique features and natural beauty.
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A makeup artist based in Wichita, KS can provide makeup services to clients in the surrounding area as well as throughout the region. Services are available to clients in Denver, Colorado Springs, Salt Lake City, Utah, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Santa Fe, Oregon, Seattle, Washington, Portland, Los Angeles, California, Fresno, San Francisco, Florida, Miami, Pensacola, Charleston, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Austin, Houston, Texas, Arizona, Montana, and Wyoming. With access to the latest makeup products, tools, and techniques, a makeup artist can help clients look their best for any occasion.

Makup by Lauren Doll & Co. | traveling destination bridal makeup artist


Beauty isn't about looking perfect,
it's about celebrating your individuality.
-Bobbi Brown

Makup by Lauren Doll & Co. | traveling destination bridal makeup artist


Hey! I'm Lauren, a professional freelance traveling makeup artist LOVING the work I do and feeling blessed by all the beautiful people I've met along this journey. I'm a naturally creative being, but when I'm given the chance to create confidence in you to where you truly see yourself as beautiful, that's the game changer. I'm not here to alter your features or the way you look. I'm here to showcase your natural beauty, your unending potential, and ultimately flourish your self-worth. 

My love of makeup started behind the scenes of my high school's theatre productions. Creating characters from The Wizard of Oz and Narnia allowed just enough space to understand how much I loved this newfound hobby. I played around with makeup allllll the time, phasing in an out of styles, as does every high school student.


I went on to attend college at Friends University. I got my BS in Business Administration, a minor in studio art, I was involved with theatre makeup (of course), but my top priority was by far track & field. I had no intentions of becoming a full time freelance makeup artist until an old friend asked me to do her wedding makeup. (You know who you are and I'm forever thankful you took a chance on me) 

That changed everything. From then on I knew what I wanted to do with my life. So in the last year before graduating, I decided to pursue my dream and create a business I love. Since then, Makeup by Lauren Doll has well exceeded my initial goals. I'm so happy to be living out my potential while pursuing my wildest dreams!

It really means the most that you're here reading this! So scroll down, send me a message and let's talk about your event! 




Miss Kansas Outstanding Teen 2021 and 2022 Makeup Artist
Featured on Senior Luxe Makeup by Lauren Doll Traveling Freelance Makeup Aritst
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